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Guard Gear 300 - online condition monitoring

Guard Gear 300

Guard Gear 300

The most optimal maintenance strategy is condition based maintenance.  For the most critical machines online condition monitoring gives more reliability and service actions can make only when needed. In many industrial processes gearboxes are often critical components. As a forerunning gearbox manufacturer we in Kumera Drives have developed a gearbox condition monitoring device called Guard Gear 300.

Technical data

Guard Gear 300 is designed for diagnosing industrial gearboxes. Function of Guard Gear 300 is based on measuring parameters which are indicating incipient failure of mechanical components and lubrication oil. These are:

  • Vibration
    • Frequency bandwidths;
      10-40 Hz, 40-400 Hz and 400-1000 Hz
  • Lubrication oil
    • Quality
    • Level
    • Temperature
  • Rotational speed 

It is possible to attach optional sensors for example measuring humidity, viscosity or particles of lubrication oil. Load or torque information from process can be monitored with Guard Gear 300. Warning and alarm limits can be set for all variables. Measurement results are automatically saved into internal memory and can be also saved into text-file for further processing. 


User interface is web browser based, it is possible to use with Ethernet connection or wirelessly with a Bluetooth (PAN) or 3G connection. Gearbox information and documents (part list, assembly drawing…) can be saved into internal memory. Available is also field for notes, into which observations or for example gear unit service history can be written.

If you are interested in online gearbox condition monitoring please contact Kumera Drives sales department so we can survey if Guard Gear 300 is a solution for your needs.


  • Real time monitoring 24/7
  • More reliability
  • Early warning when condition changes
  • Maximize production time
  • Minimize repair costs
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